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Exhibition stand for 550 eur

Dear exhibitors,

We offer you a solution for a small exhibition stand in an area of 4x3m.

Backlit banner dominates the stand. Graphic is variable, all you need is to supply yours. The stand includes a small service area to store marketing materials, brochures and your personal belongings. 


Lights and electroinstalation does not need more than 1kW. Standard electric connection supplied by the event venue is sufficient.

Backlit graphic is the most important element of this stand. Quality graphic material is essential because the backlit wall has dimensions of about 3x2.5m. Read more about print materials here.

If your exhibition area has different dimensions we can adjust stand walls but the graphic size needs to remain at 3x2.5m.

Example of the backlit graphic:


Ground plan of the stand:


Price is 550€ excluding VAT. The price includes carpet, construction, graphical items included in the visualisation, stand, counter, service area and delivery on time. The price does not include transportation costs to the exhibition venue and other possible items outside of this proposal.

Number of stands per one exhibition is limited. Make sure to order yours in time at obchod@vystavy.sk, or call +421904993919. 

SATA service spol. s r.o.

Černyševského 26,
851 01 Bratislava

+421 904 993 919


Founding member of ASSOCIATION OF EXHIBITION COMPANIES (AVS) of the Slovak Republic