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10 Steps To A Successful Exhibition

How do we make sure resources invested into attending an exhibition return?

The first thing we need to understand is that exhibition is a marketing tool and should be part of company marketing strategy. Therefore it is not possible to limit the presentation of your company to the exhibition and stand itself but you need to prepare your strategy in advance and leverage all your other marketing tools.

Here we prepared 10 main principles of exhibition preparations:

  1. Define real goals of your exhibition participation. What you want to achieve, what you want to and how..
  2. Choose the correct exhibition for your company and sign up in advance.
  3. You have to include your participation in your company marketing strategy and plan according to the date of the exhibition.
  4. Start working on getting visitors to your stand - sign up on time to have enough time to prepare - send invitations to your clients, maybe include some free entry passes. Choose a reason for your clients to attend (new products, gifts, snacks...). Advertise your participation on the exhibition - post PR articles in media, prepare competitions, autograph events, shows. Communicate through the media, make a positive impact and present your success.
  5. Prepare an interesting project of your exhibition stand along with specialists.
  6. Prepare a time plan of meetings with your clients that confirmed their visit at the exhibition.
  7. Actively help organize the exhibition by cooperating with the host - attend technical and special events, participate in competitions. Make sure your company name is included in official exhibition materials, consider becoming exhibition sponsor.
  8. Prepare catalogues, price lists, gifts and other marketing materials.
  9. Consider using other exhibition venues (conference rooms, restaurants, press center, business center, etc)
  10. After the exhibition make sure to assess your goals and how you completed them. You will be prepared for your attendance at the next conference in future.Depending on someone else to organise the exhibition for you is a gamble with your own money. When reviewing your investments and assessing your goals you should not limit yourself only on the actual outcomes of the exhibition but also consider possible future benefits. 

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